What Your Pet Does When You Aren’t Home?


Pet owners have been wondering for centuries what happens during the day when they aren’t home. We guess that our cats and dogs do the same thing eat and sleep but with advancing technology there are pet monitors designed to watch your pets and even record what they are doing.

Now we can figure out how our dogs got out of their crates, find where the cat is hiding, in addition to all their hi jinks during the day. This is beneficial if your dog is known to rummage through the trash or knowing how your cat keeps opening the fridge.

It should be noted that you shouldn’t leave your dogs indoors for longer than 8 hours especially if they are alone. If you are currently working 40 hours a week and considering a dog while living alone, you most likely shouldn’t get a dog. Depression and anxiety happen when pets are left in isolation for too long plus it is unfair for your dog.


How To Watch Your Pets When You Aren’t Home?

There are a few different ways to watch your pets smart dog monitor, collar cameras, feeder cameras & more.

Dog Monitor: Our Petkit Mate smart dog monitor comes with night vision, dual communication capabilities, and a 720p rotational camera. We also included a laser for playing with your cat or dog while you are away. With your smart phone you are able to record and capture any videos or pictures straight to you smart phone.

Collar Cameras: While we aren’t offering this, yet this is a great way to watch your pet from their point of view. While we are working on the technology to capture your dog or cat running in real time, streaming high definition audio and video with a small form factor is challenging. There are current offerings on the market but very few if any have the capability to live stream directly to your phone.

Feeder Cameras: While these are great, we feel that they aren’t as useful as the previous offerings. These cameras are used to give your dogs treats but in the fight against dog and cat obesity we are refraining from creating one. Treats should be given as a reward that should only be given on occasion.   

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5 Fun And Interactive Games To Play With Your Cat


Being a cat owner, you understand that cats aren’t as playful as dogs. This doesn’t mean that they don’t need exercise and playtime. Obesity in cats is at a record high in 2018 where an estimated 60% of cats are obese in the United States according to the association for pet obesity prevention. Its time to get off the couch and play with your cat to avoid your fuzzy buddy falling prey to disease.

Here are 5 fun and interactive games to play with your cat.

Hide and Seek

Most cats are curious animals and will try to find their owners that are playing hide and seek. While it may sound silly if you have children this is a great way to keep them busy on a rainy day.

Remember to hide in a location that they will eventually find you. Hiding behind a curtain, door, under a bed or other various easy to find locations will keep your cat entertained and the extra exercise will help keep your cat fit.

While playing hide and seek don’t try to scare your cat. This will lead your cat to have negative associations with the game and will prevent them from playing in the future.

Some cats respond to their owners calls, bells, chimes, etc. These vocal cues can be used to assist your cat to find your location easily.

Cats are known to hunt so avoiding turning this into a hunting type of game. Your cat shouldn’t be nipping at your hands and feet or aggressively trying to find you.

Cat Nip Toys

We all know that catnip drives cats crazy so putting it inside a toy just makes sense. Catnip sensitivity is found in an estimated 50% of cats so it’s a coin toss if your cat reacts to it or not.

When cats smell catnip it is thought to mimic feline pheromones, which triggers cats to go crazy according to Dr. Jennifer Coates article on Does Catnip Really Get Your Cat High?

However, when cats eat catnip it has a completely different effect. When eaten cats tend to mellow out which is the exact opposite effect.

Catnip isn’t just enjoyed by cats you can enjoy it to! It can be made into a tea which has calming properties similar to chamomile according to the human society.

There are a variety of cat nip toys like catnip bubbles, catnip feather toys, and catnip teaser toys. The effects of catnip will only last around 10 minutes.

If you cat isn’t interested in playing with toys adding catnip can help increase their activity levels. Catnip should be used in moderation and you shouldn’t be using catnip daily. Once every two to three weeks is plenty anything more than that is excessive this is done to prevent habituation.

If you have a kitten who isn’t reacting to catnip keep in mind that they will only start reacting to catnip when they are several months old.

Laser and Light Cat Toys

While we advise against cat laser toys, we can’t tell you what to purchase. We do recommend using mirrors, flashlights, even the reflection in your watch.

The best part about these toys is that you don’t have to move off your couch. Since cats love almost everything that is shiny, they will go crazy over it.

The reason we advise against laser toys isn’t because of the laser itself. It is because your cat will be frustrated when they can’t catch the light.

This isn’t to say that pointing a laser in your cat’s eyes is a good thing. Pointing a laser in someone’s eyes is a danger. It can cause burns and damage to the retina which can cause partial blindness, loss of vision, higher risk of eye problems in the future.

Having tangible toys simulate their hunter and prey instincts. When they constantly fail to catch their prey, they will be less inclined to continue their efforts. Which is why it is important that if you are using a laser toy play with a tangible toy afterward.

Cat Fishing

We felt the need to bring a tangible cat toy that you can use while sitting down and what better way than with a fishing rod cat toy.

When you have a fishing rod you need to bring bait which is why the toy at the top is filled with catnip. The catnip filled bait can also easily be interchanged for extended play.

Boxes/Paper Bags/DIY Cat Toys

When you order a cat toy online you get two toys the box, and what’s in it. You can take advantage of how easily cats are entertained by poking holes in the box and using the toy to peak its head in and out of the holes.

Paper bags are always a lot of fun for cats. Placing a ball inside of a paper bag will cause it to roll in interesting ways which will keep your cat entertained at least for a little while.

Getting creative and making DIY cat toys can be just as fun as playing with them. If you have the time and are looking to be creative, you can turn that cardboard box into several cool toys for your cat. Here are 6 different homemade cat toys you can make with a cardboard box.

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Petkit Eversweet Travel Product Spotlight


This Months Featured product is our Eversweet Travel Handheld Water Feeder. Why be like the rest when you can be the best was the definition when creating this product. When traveling and hiking with your dog most people use a water bottle and cup their hands to give their dog water. We were looking to change that stigma by inventing the best travel water bowl on the market.

When designing out unique travel dog waterer it needed to be simple to use, have a filter to drain out any contaminates, portable, and come in a variety of colors. After hundreds of iterations we went beyond the scope of our original designs which developed into a personal water bottle for your dog. A simple button press dispenses the water through the filter and if you hold it upright it can restore the water within the feeder area.

With new technology and advances in pet tech and design the Eversweet travel feeder has stood the test of time still being one of if not the best options out there. If you are curious to find out everything our travel water bottle for dogs has to offer continue reading about the specs and features below.

Introducing the EVERSWEET TRAVEL dog and cat waterer feeder. Hydrate your pet filtered water while traveling On-The-Go. Our unique feeder solves the inconvenience of having to hydrate your pet using both hands or finding filtered water when you need it. To release water simply press the button located at the front of the bottle and watch the water gently stream into the mouthing feeder area and then release the button to stop the flow of water. When finished the user simply turns the above nozzle to lock it into place. Features a built-in carbon filter extracted from natural Coconut Shells. The ergonomically contoured feeding tip is composed of an Anti-Bacterial ABS material which assists in further reduction of bacteria and constructed with a curve, designed to the dog or cat's tongue to preventing splashing and making it easier to drink from. The Bottle is composed of thick and durable plastic that helps maintain water temperature levels for 5 hours. The included carbon filter helps reduce Heavy Metals and Chlorine found in unfiltered water for a healthier lifestyle. Benefits to healthy drinking water do apply for both humans and dogs alike and especially in areas where water quality is poor, this EVERSWEET Travel device helps solve these problems. Features a string located at the top for easier carrying. Each filter is good for 100 bottles. Comes with an included filter, additional filters sold separately as a 2 Pack. Available in Multiple Colors.

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5 Best Hypoallergenic cats


Before we get into the best 5 hypoallergenic cats its best to understand what we are allergic to. It is commonly thought that we are allergic to cats fur, but that isn’t the case what humans are allergic to is an allergen called Fel D 1. This allergen is produced by cat’s saliva, and skin secretions not within the fur itself.

The reason for the misinformation is when cats groom themselves, they trap the allergen in their fur and spread the allergens when shedding. Every cat produces a different amount of the Fel D 1 allergen so people who are searching for the reasons why they are allergic to cats now you know.

Now onto what are the best hypoallergenic cats. There aren’t many for the most part from our research there are under 10 known cats known as hypoallergenic breeds.


Most people know of the sphynx which is famous for being a hairless cat. This not only give it a unique look but makes it a perfect candidate being hypoallergenic. Since the Sphynx does have hair it can’t shed effectively stopping the spread if the Fel D 1 allergen.

There are a few drawbacks to owning a sphynx since it is a hairless cat baths are necessary to property clean its skin. Sphynx cats need baths weekly otherwise they can leave oil residue on everything. Another downfall for the sphynx is its lack of fur during the winter. If you are a fan of purchasing outfits for your little kitty cat this cat is for you. Make sure that the clothes are washable because of the oil that comes off them. It is also advised that you look for a detergent that is hypoallergenic as well since it doesn’t have perfume or dyes that can cause skin irritation.  

Oriental Short Hair

Oriental short hairs have short fine coats and shed very little. Brushing regularly will help prevent the hairs that are stuck within their coats from spreading around. Not cat is 100% hypoallergenic but this is as close as you can get.

Another great thing about the oriental short hair has more colors and patterns than any other cat breed. There are almost 300 different combinations that you can get. With a sphynx you get what you get but with an oriental short hair you have hundreds of options with unique colors to choose the best cat for you. A true oriental short hair will have an angular face large eyes and pharaoh like ears. They are unique distinct and fashion forward animals. They are known for their entertaining qualities but can become depressed if you aren’t paying them enough attention.

Russian Blue

Russian blues are my personal favorite in the list. They are one of the most sought-after breeds and quite rare. Their blue gray coats are what they are most known for shimmering in the light as the walk by. Their intelligence & playful nature combined with their ability to switch to a quiet polite cat is uncanny.

Like all the cats in the list expect the sphynx brushing weekly or biweekly should be done. You should trap the hair and dander before it spreads to every nook and cranny in your house. One of the few things that separate the Russian Blue from most of the other in the list is the ability to fetch. Russian blues are playful and intelligent finding creative way to play with your cat is welcomed with a Russian Blue Cat. Cat puzzles, hiding toys for them to find, & cat mazes will keep your cat happy and healthy.   


This is the first cat on our list with a long coat of fur. Balinese are family cats wanting to be involved in everything that the family does. Their lack of an undercoat prevents excess shedding combined with their long hair which doesn’t shed as often. Balinese cats are also known to produce less of the allergen Fel D 1 through their skin.


The Siberian cat is the last one on our list of hypoallergenic cat breeds. Siberian cats are a large breed where some males can hit upwards of 22 pounds. The Siberian cat is considered a rare breed but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining popularity. The Siberian cat comes in a wide variety colors along with their coats being water resistant.

Siberian cats are known to be adventurous and friendly enough that they get along with dogs. They enjoy family time making them great companions for a large family. Siberian cats do well when challenged so engaging with them constantly is needed to keep them happy.

This is our list of the top 5 hypoallergenic cats. Did we get something wrong? Message us at blog@petlife.com

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How To Tell If Your Dog Is Lonely


How can you tell if your dog is lonely? Dogs are pack animals where they thrive in groups. When dogs are placed in isolation for long periods of time they are deprived of social interactions and stimulation. Without social interaction loneliness sets in and your left with a lonely dog.

What are the lonely dog symptoms?

Destructive behavior

Dog destroying your house. This is a telltale sign that your pet is lonely. If your dog is chewing on chairs, couches, or any furniture in general it can be because they are suffering from depression when you are away from home for long hours. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety can show the same signs.

If your dog destroys your house when you leave placing them in a separate room so they don’t destroy the entire house should be done. Preferably place them in a room near a window they can look out of but avoiding direct sunlight.

Increase in barking and howling

Dog barking can be worse than destructive behavior because when your dog barks your neighbors hear it as well. The most common solutions are dog barking collars they have dog shock collars, dog ultrasonic collars, dog muzzles and more. Each one has its pros and cons however these don’t focus on solving the cause of the problem which is a lonely dog.

Monitoring your dog with a dog monitor is a good way to keep them entertained when you are away from home. Checking up on them and even being able to play with them over your phone is in our opinion the best way to keep your dog from barking. An inexpensive option that I have seen work on and off is a full-length mirror. Since dogs are pack animals your dog can feel a little more at easy when it sees another dog in the house. This trick doesn’t work on all dogs, but it works on my pug just fine.  

Reduced appetite

Dog appetite loss can be a serious issue that might can be connected to a serious medical issue. If you notice that your dog has lost its appetite check up with a veterinarian asap. If there is no issue found health wise your dog might be suffering from separation anxiety. If it is confirmed that your dog’s decrease in appetite is a behavioral issue here are some ways to increase their appetite.

Feeding multiple small meals daily will help, and this can help your dog lose weight in the process. Feeding your dog multiple times during the day increases your interaction with your dog. This will help reduce separation anxiety because you are there more often. We know that most dog owners don’t have the free time feed their pets multiple times within the day. When and if you have the time, we believe that this is a great method for increasing their appetite.

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Why Do You Need A Pet Monitor?


With new technology rolling out almost daily why would you buy a pet monitor? The same can be said about having a baby monitor you need one to make sure that your loved ones are being taken care of in your stead. Having a Pet Monitor for your dogs, cats, bird, & reptiles is a safe bet that even when you are away from home you can make sure that they aren’t doing what they shouldn’t be.

I have several smart products in my home, and they have saved my pets life in the past. Since my fish tank is being controlled through a smart outlet, I received a notification that the outlet has been disconnected. Crisis adverted since I was in a different state and the electricity went out. Granted the electricity was off for only a couple of hours but if I needed someone to be there at least I was notified.

Our PetKit Monitor lets you view, speak, listen and even play with your dog or cat. This pet monitor is unlike anything out on the market. If you’re looking to purchase one look no further and view it here.

PetKit Smart Pet Monitor

The PETKIT MATE Smart WIFI Enabled Pet Video Monitor enables users to Speak, View, Listen and Play interactively with their pets from just about anywhere in the world. The MATE features a durable Shell Casing with a Built-in 720 HD Infrared Night Vision Controlled Video Camera Monitor and a built-in Interactive Laser for playing with your Dog or Cat while you're away. This device further features built-in speakers and a built-in Microphone for dual way communication and all controlled on your smart phone device. Simply install the PETKIT Application available for download on all Android (Google Play) and IOS (Apple Smartphone) devices, then select the MATE sub-application and select your WIFI network and you're done! This Device completely rotates 340 Degrees with both controlled up and down video motions which enable users to place this device on all surface heights, the bottom of this device features LED lights that turn on when being used. Now you speak, listen, watch and play with your pet and even capture videos and photos directly onto your smart phone device. Furthermore the PETKIT Application features a social active platform that enables users to chat, share, post and like videos and photos with your friends and family. The PETKIT MATE also allows multiple users with granted access to monitor the very same device. This product comes with a 1 year warranty.

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PetKit Eversweet Showcase


Petkit Eversweet Showcase

If you wouldn’t drink your tap water why should your pet. There are still places in America that don’t have safe drinking water. Using the Petkit Eversweet is a great addition to your home as a smart water fountain for both dogs and cats. It has a built in 3 stage carbon filtration system which help eliminate contaminates in your household water.  What is great about this product that it has a built-in reservoir this eliminates changing the water dish daily.

PetKit Eversweet Smart Water Fountain

The device also features a filter-change reminder and will flash on the front of the device further reminding users when the filter unit needs to be changed. Furthermore, the Eversweet features an LED Blue Light reminder which automatically lights up once water thresholds dip below certain levels reminding users to re-fill. The water levels can also be viewed through the built-in see-through acrylic chamber. The Eversweet is designed and engineered to remove any noises due to splashing as the infinity-flow concept guides the water flow through perforated holes that allow users to enjoy an ultra-silent experience in combination with the mini yet powerful built-in water pump. The Eversweet also features both 'Smart' and 'Normal' mode functions. The smart function automatically turns off when not in use saving energy. Normal mode allows users to have the option of allowing the device to continuously flow water. Additionally, this device features anti-skid grips located at the bottom of the device. The device also features an easy-fill removable lid for quick water-refill. The Eversweet comes with 1 Eversweet Fountain, 1 filter unit and a 12V adapter unit. Additional filter replacement units are sold separately. Holds approximately 2 Liters of water.

You a can view a video of our product here

Have any interesting news or articles we are glad to hear it. Send an email to press@petlife.com.

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Should You Invest In Smart Pet Products?


Should you invest in smart pet products?

Smart products are for those that want to make their lives easier when dealing with their pets. Does your pet need a high humidity? Chameleons need around 50% humidity and ball pythons need around 60%-65% on average humidity. Having a good humidifier can cost $50 or you can have a spray bottle and spray the cage twice a day.

Is It Worth It?

It all comes down to convenience, I have smart outlet plugs for all my fish and reptiles to keep them on a daily schedule routine and maintenance. The convenience of having a set schedule for them even if I go away for an extended weekend makes it worth it. Being able to control my lights and equipment and even checking on them throughout the day from my phone isn’t always necessary but it is highly encouraged.

What We Offer

Our smart products that we offer aren’t just for convenience. After you purchase one there is no going back. Having an automatic water bowl that you refill every three days should be a staple in your home. Automatic feeders and litter boxes for your cats is essential for your cat’s care during the day. I can’t be with my pets every day but with all the smart products that are around you can take care of them from 500 miles away.

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DNA Kits For Pets?


DNA Kits For Pets?

With the boom of DNA kits like 23andMe and ancestry DNA it was just a matter of time before pet DNA kits became widely available. Wisdom Panel and DNA My Dog are just two of the companies that have been making DNA kits for pets. Have you ever wondered what breed your dog is? Are they a purebred like the breeder said? There are many questions that we don’t have answered when talking about our pets and now we can answer a few of them.

We are going to take a look at the pricing and efficiency of these test For Wisdom Panel. Some of these DNA tests are more thorough where they can check if your dog is sick or can have a hereditary disease. Knowing what your pets breed is can help you prevent health disasters before they strike. The more you know about your pets the better.

Let’s start with the first one on our list wisdom panel they have two options just like most DNA kit companies. They have their Canine breed detection kit and the Canine breed and disease detection kit. Just their breed detection kit is around $85, and their breed and disease detection kit is $149.  These are average pricing for human DNA kits as well, so their prices seem fair plus they have discount codes. At the time of writing they are offering a $10 discount code (secretlifepets) and they offer free shipping in the US. Wisdom Panel is competitively priced for both of their options and they are one of the best if not the best DNA pet kit on the market today.

Wisdom Panel has a simple process where you take the two brush swabs provided and stick it in the back of your dogs mouth between the gums and cheek. For some dogs this can be a little awkward, but for other dogs can think of it as bonding. Each dog is different and Wisdom panel give you a clear guide on what your dog is and if it has any health risks. We are giving them 10 out of 10 paw prints 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 even though they use the information as part of a larger business model which they use the info to make breed specific dog food.

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PETKIT Has officially launched

Our PETKIT manufacturer direct website had officially launched! Shop our PETKIT Brand directly right here!

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