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5 Best Hypoallergenic cats


Before we get into the best 5 hypoallergenic cats its best to understand what we are allergic to. It is commonly thought that we are allergic to cats fur, but that isn’t the case what humans are allergic to is an allergen called Fel D 1. This allergen is produced by cat’s saliva, and skin secretions not within the fur itself.

The reason for the misinformation is when cats groom themselves, they trap the allergen in their fur and spread the allergens when shedding. Every cat produces a different amount of the Fel D 1 allergen so people who are searching for the reasons why they are allergic to cats now you know.

Now onto what are the best hypoallergenic cats. There aren’t many for the most part from our research there are under 10 known cats known as hypoallergenic breeds.


Most people know of the sphynx which is famous for being a hairless cat. This not only give it a unique look but makes it a perfect candidate being hypoallergenic. Since the Sphynx does have hair it can’t shed effectively stopping the spread if the Fel D 1 allergen.

There are a few drawbacks to owning a sphynx since it is a hairless cat baths are necessary to property clean its skin. Sphynx cats need baths weekly otherwise they can leave oil residue on everything. Another downfall for the sphynx is its lack of fur during the winter. If you are a fan of purchasing outfits for your little kitty cat this cat is for you. Make sure that the clothes are washable because of the oil that comes off them. It is also advised that you look for a detergent that is hypoallergenic as well since it doesn’t have perfume or dyes that can cause skin irritation.  

Oriental Short Hair

Oriental short hairs have short fine coats and shed very little. Brushing regularly will help prevent the hairs that are stuck within their coats from spreading around. Not cat is 100% hypoallergenic but this is as close as you can get.

Another great thing about the oriental short hair has more colors and patterns than any other cat breed. There are almost 300 different combinations that you can get. With a sphynx you get what you get but with an oriental short hair you have hundreds of options with unique colors to choose the best cat for you. A true oriental short hair will have an angular face large eyes and pharaoh like ears. They are unique distinct and fashion forward animals. They are known for their entertaining qualities but can become depressed if you aren’t paying them enough attention.

Russian Blue

Russian blues are my personal favorite in the list. They are one of the most sought-after breeds and quite rare. Their blue gray coats are what they are most known for shimmering in the light as the walk by. Their intelligence & playful nature combined with their ability to switch to a quiet polite cat is uncanny.

Like all the cats in the list expect the sphynx brushing weekly or biweekly should be done. You should trap the hair and dander before it spreads to every nook and cranny in your house. One of the few things that separate the Russian Blue from most of the other in the list is the ability to fetch. Russian blues are playful and intelligent finding creative way to play with your cat is welcomed with a Russian Blue Cat. Cat puzzles, hiding toys for them to find, & cat mazes will keep your cat happy and healthy.   


This is the first cat on our list with a long coat of fur. Balinese are family cats wanting to be involved in everything that the family does. Their lack of an undercoat prevents excess shedding combined with their long hair which doesn’t shed as often. Balinese cats are also known to produce less of the allergen Fel D 1 through their skin.


The Siberian cat is the last one on our list of hypoallergenic cat breeds. Siberian cats are a large breed where some males can hit upwards of 22 pounds. The Siberian cat is considered a rare breed but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining popularity. The Siberian cat comes in a wide variety colors along with their coats being water resistant.

Siberian cats are known to be adventurous and friendly enough that they get along with dogs. They enjoy family time making them great companions for a large family. Siberian cats do well when challenged so engaging with them constantly is needed to keep them happy.

This is our list of the top 5 hypoallergenic cats. Did we get something wrong? Message us at