What Your Pet Does When You Aren’t Home?

What Your Pet Does When You Aren’t Home?


Pet owners have been wondering for centuries what happens during the day when they aren’t home. We guess that our cats and dogs do the same thing eat and sleep but with advancing technology there are pet monitors designed to watch your pets and even record what they are doing.

Now we can figure out how our dogs got out of their crates, find where the cat is hiding, in addition to all their hi jinks during the day. This is beneficial if your dog is known to rummage through the trash or knowing how your cat keeps opening the fridge.

It should be noted that you shouldn’t leave your dogs indoors for longer than 8 hours especially if they are alone. If you are currently working 40 hours a week and considering a dog while living alone, you most likely shouldn’t get a dog. Depression and anxiety happen when pets are left in isolation for too long plus it is unfair for your dog.


How To Watch Your Pets When You Aren’t Home?

There are a few different ways to watch your pets smart dog monitor, collar cameras, feeder cameras & more.

Dog Monitor: Our Petkit Mate smart dog monitor comes with night vision, dual communication capabilities, and a 720p rotational camera. We also included a laser for playing with your cat or dog while you are away. With your smart phone you are able to record and capture any videos or pictures straight to you smart phone.

Collar Cameras: While we aren’t offering this, yet this is a great way to watch your pet from their point of view. While we are working on the technology to capture your dog or cat running in real time, streaming high definition audio and video with a small form factor is challenging. There are current offerings on the market but very few if any have the capability to live stream directly to your phone.

Feeder Cameras: While these are great, we feel that they aren’t as useful as the previous offerings. These cameras are used to give your dogs treats but in the fight against dog and cat obesity we are refraining from creating one. Treats should be given as a reward that should only be given on occasion.