PetKit Eversweet Showcase

PetKit Eversweet Showcase


Petkit Eversweet Showcase

If you wouldn’t drink your tap water why should your pet. There are still places in America that don’t have safe drinking water. Using the Petkit Eversweet is a great addition to your home as a smart water fountain for both dogs and cats. It has a built in 3 stage carbon filtration system which help eliminate contaminates in your household water.  What is great about this product that it has a built-in reservoir this eliminates changing the water dish daily.

PetKit Eversweet Smart Water Fountain

The device also features a filter-change reminder and will flash on the front of the device further reminding users when the filter unit needs to be changed. Furthermore, the Eversweet features an LED Blue Light reminder which automatically lights up once water thresholds dip below certain levels reminding users to re-fill. The water levels can also be viewed through the built-in see-through acrylic chamber. The Eversweet is designed and engineered to remove any noises due to splashing as the infinity-flow concept guides the water flow through perforated holes that allow users to enjoy an ultra-silent experience in combination with the mini yet powerful built-in water pump. The Eversweet also features both 'Smart' and 'Normal' mode functions. The smart function automatically turns off when not in use saving energy. Normal mode allows users to have the option of allowing the device to continuously flow water. Additionally, this device features anti-skid grips located at the bottom of the device. The device also features an easy-fill removable lid for quick water-refill. The Eversweet comes with 1 Eversweet Fountain, 1 filter unit and a 12V adapter unit. Additional filter replacement units are sold separately. Holds approximately 2 Liters of water.

You a can view a video of our product here

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