Petkit Eversweet Travel Product Spotlight

Petkit Eversweet Travel Product Spotlight


This Months Featured product is our Eversweet Travel Handheld Water Feeder. Why be like the rest when you can be the best was the definition when creating this product. When traveling and hiking with your dog most people use a water bottle and cup their hands to give their dog water. We were looking to change that stigma by inventing the best travel water bowl on the market.

When designing out unique travel dog waterer it needed to be simple to use, have a filter to drain out any contaminates, portable, and come in a variety of colors. After hundreds of iterations we went beyond the scope of our original designs which developed into a personal water bottle for your dog. A simple button press dispenses the water through the filter and if you hold it upright it can restore the water within the feeder area.

With new technology and advances in pet tech and design the Eversweet travel feeder has stood the test of time still being one of if not the best options out there. If you are curious to find out everything our travel water bottle for dogs has to offer continue reading about the specs and features below.

Introducing the EVERSWEET TRAVEL dog and cat waterer feeder. Hydrate your pet filtered water while traveling On-The-Go. Our unique feeder solves the inconvenience of having to hydrate your pet using both hands or finding filtered water when you need it. To release water simply press the button located at the front of the bottle and watch the water gently stream into the mouthing feeder area and then release the button to stop the flow of water. When finished the user simply turns the above nozzle to lock it into place. Features a built-in carbon filter extracted from natural Coconut Shells. The ergonomically contoured feeding tip is composed of an Anti-Bacterial ABS material which assists in further reduction of bacteria and constructed with a curve, designed to the dog or cat's tongue to preventing splashing and making it easier to drink from. The Bottle is composed of thick and durable plastic that helps maintain water temperature levels for 5 hours. The included carbon filter helps reduce Heavy Metals and Chlorine found in unfiltered water for a healthier lifestyle. Benefits to healthy drinking water do apply for both humans and dogs alike and especially in areas where water quality is poor, this EVERSWEET Travel device helps solve these problems. Features a string located at the top for easier carrying. Each filter is good for 100 bottles. Comes with an included filter, additional filters sold separately as a 2 Pack. Available in Multiple Colors.