Should You Invest In Smart Pet Products?

Should You Invest In Smart Pet Products?


Should you invest in smart pet products?

Smart products are for those that want to make their lives easier when dealing with their pets. Does your pet need a high humidity? Chameleons need around 50% humidity and ball pythons need around 60%-65% on average humidity. Having a good humidifier can cost $50 or you can have a spray bottle and spray the cage twice a day.

Is It Worth It?

It all comes down to convenience, I have smart outlet plugs for all my fish and reptiles to keep them on a daily schedule routine and maintenance. The convenience of having a set schedule for them even if I go away for an extended weekend makes it worth it. Being able to control my lights and equipment and even checking on them throughout the day from my phone isn’t always necessary but it is highly encouraged.

What We Offer

Our smart products that we offer aren’t just for convenience. After you purchase one there is no going back. Having an automatic water bowl that you refill every three days should be a staple in your home. Automatic feeders and litter boxes for your cats is essential for your cat’s care during the day. I can’t be with my pets every day but with all the smart products that are around you can take care of them from 500 miles away.