Why Do You Need A Pet Monitor?

Why Do You Need A Pet Monitor?


With new technology rolling out almost daily why would you buy a pet monitor? The same can be said about having a baby monitor you need one to make sure that your loved ones are being taken care of in your stead. Having a Pet Monitor for your dogs, cats, bird, & reptiles is a safe bet that even when you are away from home you can make sure that they aren’t doing what they shouldn’t be.

I have several smart products in my home, and they have saved my pets life in the past. Since my fish tank is being controlled through a smart outlet, I received a notification that the outlet has been disconnected. Crisis adverted since I was in a different state and the electricity went out. Granted the electricity was off for only a couple of hours but if I needed someone to be there at least I was notified.

Our PetKit Monitor lets you view, speak, listen and even play with your dog or cat. This pet monitor is unlike anything out on the market. If you’re looking to purchase one look no further and view it here.

PetKit Smart Pet Monitor

The PETKIT MATE Smart WIFI Enabled Pet Video Monitor enables users to Speak, View, Listen and Play interactively with their pets from just about anywhere in the world. The MATE features a durable Shell Casing with a Built-in 720 HD Infrared Night Vision Controlled Video Camera Monitor and a built-in Interactive Laser for playing with your Dog or Cat while you're away. This device further features built-in speakers and a built-in Microphone for dual way communication and all controlled on your smart phone device. Simply install the PETKIT Application available for download on all Android (Google Play) and IOS (Apple Smartphone) devices, then select the MATE sub-application and select your WIFI network and you're done! This Device completely rotates 340 Degrees with both controlled up and down video motions which enable users to place this device on all surface heights, the bottom of this device features LED lights that turn on when being used. Now you speak, listen, watch and play with your pet and even capture videos and photos directly onto your smart phone device. Furthermore the PETKIT Application features a social active platform that enables users to chat, share, post and like videos and photos with your friends and family. The PETKIT MATE also allows multiple users with granted access to monitor the very same device. This product comes with a 1 year warranty.