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The PURA handheld mobile smart odor eliminator and air purifier removes odors and dust particles and unhealthy positive ions while helping clean the air pets breathe by assisting in the inhibiting the growth of bacteria and all-while eliminating bad odors and providing a pleasing fragrance (Odorless fragrance options are also available). This device features motion sensored infrared detection technology that can automatically turn on when detecting motion by emitting healthy Negative Ions into the air. Features 2 modes; Inductive mode which removes odor automatically through motion (Motion Sensored); and Intermittent mode, which runs every 6 hours automatically. Features and includes an all-natural air freshener vent extracted from 20 plants that is non-toxic that also decomposes odor molecules that elements smells deriving from fecal matter or bad smells derived through urination, additional scented and unscented filtration units can easily be placed inside this device and are sold separately as a 2 pack. This device can be hung or placed next to any litter box or training pads to eliminate bad odors. Interior features an air ventilation fan that vents out clean air while trapping unhealthy particles. This travel sized odor eliminator can be used and applied for Dog, Cat and human usages. Operates and Includes 3-AAA batteries and an odorless filtration unit which lasts approximately 4 - 6 months. ITEM DIMENSIONS: Length 6.45 x Width 1.57 x Height 1.25